Fairmount was a City before it became  one of Eugene’s oldest neighborhoods. Fairmount has long history of fiercely independent, traditional values flourishing in a relaxed and open surrounding.  From pioneer promotor/visionary, George Melvin Millers vision of  The City of Fairmount incorporating Eugene, Glenwood and Springfield with it’s central boulevard, Villard Street, extending east and west from coast to coast, through Bowerman’s Green Men surging to the crest of Capital Hill to find Olympic glory, to it’s current proud position as the home of Mathew Knight Arena and gateway to Hayward Field and the University, it has been and remains a place of remarkable character and meaning. Hardly a stone needs be turned before new paths with surprising and fascinating stories emerge.

The recent controversy

concerning a proposal to

build 38 large homes on the

dome of Capital Hill,

reveals the key figures

and forces affecting the

development of this jewel in

the crown of Eugenes



                                                                           George Melvin Miller

What would Martha and Thomas Hendricks and Charmian Byers-Jones have thought?

Please read about The Dreyer’s Proposal, The Pink House, The Press Reports, The Community Response, along with other sources and links and get involved. Decide what you think.

Fairmount, we love you for your calm, for your quiet places, open spaces, green gardens in both proper and unexpected places, for your warm & varied architecture, for your alleys (yes their potholes too) and common garden/green oases.


Fairmount - The City