The Eugene Planning Department’s conditional approval of a 34-lot subdivision covering the dome of Capital Hill limiting Hendricks Park and  destroying the Ribbon Trail.

Neighborhood groups opposed to this Planned Unit Development emphasize that it’s not just an issue concerning close residents. People throughout and beyond the city and the nature of Eugene itself would be affected. The forested borders of the South Hills form a unique and irreplaceable urban environment available for our recreation and viewing pleasure. Plans for the Capital Hill PUD propose to cut between 43% and 51% of the more than 900 existing trees larger than eight inches diameter. The result would be, in effect, a clear-cut on hillsides identified as vulnerable to high landslide hazard. Homes that could be built there would not be affordable by people with lower or even middle incomes. The Urban Growth Boundary would hardly be affected by denying this PUD. For more information: <> A twice-postponed Official Hearing is now scheduled for Wednesday, March 7. Plan to attend and/or submit written comments: <>"

We’d like to share the links to the Eugene Planning Staff Report that was made public around 5:00PM on 2/28/18.

As you will see on page 59, the staff recommends that the Hearings Official grant tentative approval for the Capital Hill PUD. They also recommend 18 Conditions of Approval on the following pages.

We were not surprised by the conclusion of the report, but of course we were disappointed that the City sees so few problems with the developer’s proposal and his application.



Thank you all for attending the hearing and thanks to those of you who delivered your wonderful and very effective testimony.

As many of  you know the City Planning Department and the Developers presentation, plans and arguments were systematically taken apart by the Committee. The Hearings Official was moved by public testimony. The Developers and the City have two weeks to regroup and counter. The day was won but the battle is by no means over. A detailed record of the hearing will evolve and will be posted For now, note the schedule below, read the Eugene Weekly article and The Committee page on this site.

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We won the day

but the battle is

by no means over

your involvement

is more important

than ever,



                  The Updates Page will be added to as events unfold.

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Testimony was taken. Work sessions are scheduled. We recommend you get everyone you can at both work session... can’t say anything but you will put pressure on PC to do the right thing.... more the better... bring 3 or 4 friends and be sure to overflow the room... invite Max from Eugene Weekly.

Work Sessions:

(Atrium Sloat Room, 99 West 10th Ave.)

June 4th 2018, 11:30 AM

Capital Hill PUD Appeal

June 12th 2018, 5:30 PM

Capital Hill PUD Appeal


The hearing on the Capital Hill Planned Unit Development will be held at Harris Hall at 6 00 pm on Tuesday May 22nd.

                   Please attend, we need your support.

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On May 7th, the CHPUD Response Committee filed with the Eugene Planning Commission an Appeal of the Hearings Official’s Decision to approve the Capital Hill PUD project with relatively minor conditions.  We remain alarmed by the number and magnitude of errors we identified in the Hearings Official’s Decision.  Our Appeal (by regulation) is concerned with identifying and countering those errors.

Both the Fairmount Neighbors and the Laurel Hill Valley Citizens Associations sponsored the appeal, which was very helpful and much appreciated.  Their sponsorship allows us to pay a reduced appeal fee.  Also, after review and approval by our attorney, the committee submitted a lengthy appeal document identifying errors in the Hearings Official’s Decision.

The Planning Commission’s Public Hearing on the Capital Hill PUD is  scheduled at 6 00 pm, Tuesday May 22 at Harris Hall.  This hearing will be open to the public.  Please save the date!  At the hearing, the Planning Commission will review our Appeal and either affirm, reverse, modify or remand the Hearings Official's Decision.

Additionally, for those of you on the City’s mailing list for the Capital Hill PUD, you should receive written notice of this upcoming hearing by late this week or early next.

We believe that our three major objections to the CHPUD remain inadequately addressed:

(1) Trees and environmental quality;

(2) Traffic and emergency response: and

(3) Geology and site hazards.

We’ll send another update as soon as we receive more information.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.  Thank you.

The CHPUD Response Committee





Dear Neighbors and Supporters:

At the Friday, April 20, 5:30 pm deadline, we learned that the Hearings Official recommended that the CHPUD be approved subject to a few, mostly technical conditions. These conditions do not address our major concerns with the impacts from all the crucial issues: amount of trees to be cut, increase of traffic, reduced safety and emergency response, geological hazard, environmental protection.

Although this news is shocking, The Committee remains resolute. A long period of appeals and court battles now begins. The decision is, obviously, outrageous and irresponsible. We will not lose but we need your help to win. Please stay involved.